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Vault Progressions & Drills

Jumping With 2 Feet

  • Preschools develop the ability to jump with feet together between the ages 2 & 3. Being able to transfer that from the trampoline to the floor can be a little challenging. 

  • Put  a carpet square or make something to put on the board that they can 'squish' to learn how to jump off of both feet.


Landing With 2 Feet

  • Once the student learns to jump off both feet they will typically 'step up' rather than the intended jump up.

  • Move the mat or item to the floor or block in front of the board to 'squish' that.


Box Jumps (Preschool Style)

  • Jumping with feet  together at the same time.

  • Use lase beams, floor beams, panels. small trapezoids, spotting blocks.

  • When you work up to bigger blocks you will be surprised just how high little ones can jump.

Learning the Foot Work

  • Starting on 1 foot, hurdling to 2 feet, jumping up/forward on 2 feet.

  • Use the tumbl trak, stand on one side, use chalk to put a picture on the trampoline and have them work the foot work across. 

  • Stand on the side on one foot, jump to the picture on 2 feet, and jump forward and off the trampoline to a stick landing


Arm Circle 

  • Should you teach it so young? Everyone has their own opinion and way of approaching the skill. Here is one example used:

  • Bird Soldier Rocket-Stand on one foot with bird arms, jump to 2 feet with arms down like a soldier, and jump to a stick landing with arms up like a rocket.



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