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Age Requirement:


Walking through age 5

Preschool gymnastics classes allow for children to not allow learn the basics of gymnastics but also prepare themselves for kindergarten. Through physical activity , young gymnasts show vast progress  in the skills and confidence they need to excel both in gymnastics and in school. Several examples of the benefits of preschool gymnastics are  increased social skills, following directions, confidence, agility, taking turns, safe falling practices, running skills, identifying, and making decisions. You can download the 'Benefits of Preschool Gymnastics' handout.


-Running Form

-Arm Circle Concept (also known as BSR-Bird Soldier Rocket)

-Jumping on the Board w/2 Feet

-Straight Jump onto Mat

-Stick Landing



-Front Support (Strong Arms)

-Casting (Mermaid Swings)

-Straddle Hang (Straight Legs)

-Pike Hang (Straight Legs)

-Glides (V & L)


-Back Hip Circle Concept

-Forward Roll Dismount


-Walks (forwards, backwards, & side)

-Releve Walk (forward)

-Arabesque Hold

-Bunny Hops

-Straight Jump Dismount

-Passe Walks (Flamingo)


-Bearcrawls (progression is a lever)

Motor Development

-Overcoming Fear of Heights

-Social Interaction

-Waiting and Taking Turns

-Body Awareness

-Shifting Weight to Different Points

-Listening & Following Directions


-Identifying & Counting

-How to Fall Safely



-Bridge w/head off the ground


-Lever Touch



-Forward Roll

-Backwards Roll w/Pizza Hands

-Core Strength

-Understanding Group Stretching








-Split Concept


-Bridge OR Tabletop

-Stick Landing

-Gymnastics Body OR TaDa

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