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Pre Team

Age Requirement:


Any Age

Pre Team is an introductory level to prepare gymnasts for competition, and into the mindset of learning routines. Many athletes skip this level or graduate fairly quickly to the next level. USAG does not require a score requirement for this level.


-hurdle punches with arm circle

-sprinting concept

-straight jump to 8" and stick

-jump off block F/B with stick


-step on straddle swing

-jump to straddle on floor bar

-casting with hips off bar

-chin hold (3 seconds)

-L-hold (3 seconds)

-back hipcircle with light spot

-pullover without spot


-lock, pivot turn

-lunge to "T" on high beam

-straight jump dismount w/stick

-confidence on middle beam


-stretch jumps


-splits concept

-perfect cartwheel

-full handstand to lunge

-backwards roll to stand

-bridge kickover down wedge

-split jump

-heel snap turn

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