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Recreational Gymnastics

Age Requirement:


Age 4 & up

Recreational gymnastics is considered more of an activity than a sport. Children can learn gymnastics and varying levels of skills without the competitive edge or extreme conditioning aspect.  Recreational gymnastics is a program designed to allow students to reach their fullest potential at their own pace, while developing strength, coordination, flexibility, and confidence. You can download the 'Benefits of Recreational Gymnastics' handout.


-Correct Running Form

-Arm Circle

-Straight Jump

-Handstand Flat Back


-Tree Fall

-Safe Landing Position


-Front Support




-Glide Kip

-Squat On

-Single Leg Cut

-Shoot Through

-Back Hip Circle

-Front Hip Circle

-Mill Circle

-Under-swing Dismount

-Straddle Sole Circle Dismount

-Pike Sole Circle Dismount


-Releve (forward, backwards, sideways)

-Bunny Hops

-Long/Stretch Jump

-Coupe & Passe Holds

-Arabesque Holds

-Lever Holds

-Lever Touch


-Straight Jump (w/correct arms)

-Split Jump (w/ correct arms)

-Jump Stick Dismount

-Side Handstand Dismount

-Round Off Dismount

-Split Leap

-Straight Jump

-Tuck Jump

-Straddle Jump

-Split Jump

-Pike Jump

-Wolf Jump

-Straight Jump 1/2 turn





-Front Walkover

-Back Walkover

-Handstand Forward Roll

-Back Extension Roll

-Front Handspring

-Back Handspring


-Half turn on one foot

-Full turn on one foot

-Split Leap

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