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Forward Roll On The Bar Progressions & Drills

Start With a Front Support

  • Falling forward over the bar can be a scary thing for itty bitties, they want to do it quick and move on. Many times they will have already have shifted their hand forward before they jump up to the bar. This causes them to hunch over and dive into the roll.

  • Always have them hit front support first before rolling. It creates a clean roll that a coach can easily spot.


Leaning Over the Bar

  • Have the lean over and touch their forehead to you hand, each time moving it lower and lower. The motion of them returning to front support helps transition into a pullover. 


Upside Down

  • Have them hand upside down on the bar so they understand what it feels like. Let them hang out their, hang like a monkey, have fun.

Legs Up and Over

  • Spot the forward roll with one hand on their back and one hand their heels so you can quick grab them or slow them down.

  • Put a bar in front of a mat so they can walk their feet down the wall.


On Their Own

  • Always put a wedge mat or some sort of soft mat under a bar they are practicing on. 


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