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Front Support  Drills & Progressions

Front Support

Strong Arms

Pushing through their shoulders


Mermaid Swings

 Double Kick

Start with hands on the bar in an over-grip.  Jump up and lean over the bar, pushing down with the hands and pulling the hips in to rest on the bar.  Finish in a front support, arms and legs straight, head in, body straight and tight.

Place a donut mat flat OR stack panels and place a floor parallelete on top. This way 2 and 3 year olds can learn to push themselves up to a front support hold without the risk of falling. It gives them the chance to push through their shoulders on their own.


Begin in a front support.  Swing legs forward slightly and push down with straight arms while swinging the legs back with enough force for the hips to come off the bar.  Stomach in, arms and legs straight throughout, head in.

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