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Pullover Progressions & Drills

Front Support

  • Jump off a mat to a support hold on the low bar.

  • Make sure to teach the proper name of this skill.

  • Gymnast need to know and understand what a “front support hold” is.

  • Make sure the arms are straight and the body is balanced on top of the bar.


Forward Roll Dismount

  • Start in Support hold, lean forward until you do a forward flip/roll and land on your feet.

  • You should be holding onto the bar throughout the roll.

  • Make sure to spot the gymnast until they feel comfortable doing this by themselves.


Lean Forward, Come Back Up

  • Start in a front support hold.

  • Lean forward until you are resting on your stomach.

  • Now try and pull yourself back up to support hold.


Chin Up Holds

  • Place a panel mat or block under the bar

  • You want your arms bent like a pull up with your nose touching the bar


Inverted Hang Hold

  • Hanging on the low bar or high bar, flip up-side-down to an inverted hang. Try and hold it.

  • You want your “head in” looking at your toes.


Chin-Up Hold to Inverted Hang Hold

  • Start in a chin-up hold, now flip upside down to an inverted hang hold.

  • The concept of this drill is to teach how to keep the arm strength engaged in a pull up while flipping over to an inverted hang.

  • A common mistake is to through the head out when turning over. REMEMBER TO HAVE THEM LOOK AT THEIR TOES WHEN MOVING FROM CHIN-UP TO INVERTED HANG.


Pullover Spotted

  • Now it is time to put everything together.

  • Start by grabbing the low bar.

  • Place one hand on the lower back.

  • Have them lift one leg and grab it with your other hand.

  • On “three” jump into a bent arm inverted hang. (Remember to keep the head in, look at knees, and arms bent) Help spot body up to support.

Walk Up the Wall Pullover

  • Stand up a cheese mat or panel mat so that it is resting against the high bar (or wall for a preschool bar)

  • Simply walk the feet up the mat, before kicking over for a pull over.

Kick Over Pullover

  • Starting at the low bar, run through under the bar, and then kick one legged into a pull over

Jump Pullover

  • Starting at the low bar, jump off the ground with two feet into a pull over

  • Hanging Pull Overs Once you have mastered the pull over on the low bar, it’s time to start working pull over from a hang.


Conditioning For Pullovers


Pull-up Holds

Pull-up Swings

Leg lifts

Pull up to Inverted Hang

Inverted Hang Pull Ups

Pull Up Pull Over

Leg Lift Pull Over

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