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Getting Over Fear of Heights in Young Gymnasts

Start Small & Make It Fun

  • Low Beams are great to introduce beams to preschoolers.  Add obstacles to walk over, jump on, or hoops to crawl through. 

Play A Game

  • Playing a game will distract gymnasts from their.

  • Use yoga balls or pit blocks to toss back and forth.

  • Stick It! A fun dismount game to teach correct landing positions if you fall.

  • Foam Blocks-hold them through all beam warm ups and complexes. It distracts the gymnast long enough to complete the skill.

High Beam, Low Fall

  • Put the beam high and put a resi under it. The perception f being high is where the fear comes from. Get the gymnast high in the air but minimize the fall so they walk across the beam without assistance.

Wear Your Superhero Cape

  • Every superhero has  a cape to help them fly and not fall.

  • Play to the imagination of preschoolers!

  • Place your hand on their upper back or grab their shirt and tell them you are their cape, and capes help them fly.

  • This allows them to find their balance without puling on you or leaning to one side.

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