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Handstand Forward Roll Progressions & Drills


With your back against the wall or a wedge mat, place hands on ground and walk feet up the wall. Be sure to keep chin in (look at your toes) and walk feet high enough to avoid a pike position.

Then tuck your head under and roll out of the handstand.


Hold tuck shape and rock back and come back up. Next try to progress to a 'Rock-n-Pop,' which is when the gymnast holds a tuck shape, rocks back and the rocks back up and stands or jumps. To increase difficulty try without the use of hands.

Wedge Mat

Stand in a lunge at the bigger end of a wedge mat. Do a handstand with hands on the floor, close enough to the mat so that your shoulders rest on the mat. Then roll out of the handstand onto the wedge mat.

Sting Mat

Do a handstand forward roll on a sting mat until technique is mastered and he athlete feels comfortable taking it to the floor.


Handstand against the wall, with your hands between 6-8' away from the wall. Hold a hollow body shape and lean through shoulders with straight arms. Maintain this shape while looking at your toes to ensure your head is not out.

Take It To The Floor

Try a handstand forward roll on the floor. Don't be afraid to push yourself. If you start to feel yourself start to fall over, just step down out of the handstand.

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