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Joint Flexibility


Foam Rolling Underarm x60s

Rolling Back of Shoulder At Wall x60s

Rolling Chest at Wall x60s

Lat Stick Stretch x60s

Floor Chest Stretch x60s

Cross Body Stretch At Wall x60s

Table Top Extensions x10 

Thoracic Extensions Over Roller x10

Thoracic Spine Windmills x10

Active Flexibility / Eccentrics

Wall Angels Back/Seated/Stomach x10

Shoulder Circles x10

Chin Up Lowers 5 reps 

Slider Fall Outs x10

Crab WalksThread The Needles x10

Gymnastics Specific Drills

Tucked Wall Handstands

Handstand Hold/Walk Drill


Hip Flexibility

Right and Left Leg Split on Line
Straddle Split on Line

Foam Rolling Inner Thigh x60s

Foam Rolling Quad x60s

Foam Rolling Hamstring x60s

Foam Rolling Glutes x60s

Specific Stretches

True Hip Flexor Stretch x60s

True Quad Stretch x60s

½ Kneeling Inner Thigh Dips x10

Inner Thigh Rock Backs x10

Leg Lowers x10

Active Flexibility / Eccentrics

Single Leg Hip Lift with Knee Hug x10

Curled Up Leg KicksNeedle Kicks x10

Stomach Reptile Slides x10

Up and Over Beam Circles Front/Side x10

Leg Drivers Back and Side x10

Split Slide Outs Front/Side Using EZ Movers x10

Eccentric Split Squats x10

Eccentric Romanian Deadlifts 

Gymnastics Specific Drills

Stall Bar Kicks x10 each

Pommel Horse Scissor Swings x5 swings 
Tumble Trak Jumps x10 each 

Right/Left Splits

Ankle Flexibility

½ kneeling lunge test at wall for Dorsiflexion

Soft Tissue Prep

Foam Rolling Calf Muscles

Lacrosse Ball to Bottom Of Feet

Ankle Rockers At Wall x10 reps with 10s hold at end

Straight/Bent Knee Stretches at Wall x30s each

Active Flexibility / EccentricsDuck Walks x10 steps

Eccentrics Off Ledge 5 reps Goblet Squats

Gymnastics Specific Drills  

Jumping and Landing Drills

Wall Running Pistons

Wrist Flexibility

Hands and Knees Wall Rocking (for straight elbow movements) –

Prayer Test (for bent elbow movements) 

Rolling to Inside Forearms x60s

Forearm Rock Backs x10

Single Arm Forearm Pulls x30s each

Active Flexibility / Eccentrics

Bear Crawling x10 steps

Table Top Extensions x10

Press Walks x10 Tucked Wall Handstands x30s

Slider Crawls x10 steps


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