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Bridge Kickover Progressions & Drills

1. Start in bridge-pushing your body forward through your shoulders.

How To DO A Bridge Kickover

2. Lift dominant leg up. You will kick it up and over into the walkover.

3. Split handstand. As you kick your leg over, stretch them and extend into split handstand.

4 Lever out of the split handstand, pushing through your shoulders to control your momentum.

5. Land in a lunge with arms extended by your ears. FINISH!


Off A Mat: Bridge up with feet on mat/panel. Try a kickover on a raised surface, slowly lower height as you progress.

Bridge Rocks: Bridge up with feet on mat/panel. Push through your feet to open up shoulders. Rock several times-paying attention to open shoulders with straight arms. This movement is the same movement you will do when kicking over.

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